Our Services

Network Planning & Designer

NPD services deliver value by designing the high Quality of network to support the current & future technology & capacity requirements of the operators. To satisfy this, Reecomps Teleservices Pvt. Ltd. use technology expertise, sophisticated algorithms, world-class tools and disciplined design processes to provide end-to-end, multi-vendor design solutions. NPD services cover Radio Frequency (RF) and Transmission Engineering, Fixed and Core Network Engineering for GSM, CDMA, Microwave Transmission, SDH, DWDM, WiMAX and Broadband networks

Benchmarking & Optimization

Reecomps Teleservices Pvt. Ltd. benchmarking and Optimization solutions are aimed at improving the performance of an operators network, post the network roll out. With ever changing data traffic demands with the usage of and pressures on managing the operational costs, service providers are increasingly looking at Benchmarking and Optimization services for meeting the needs of customers and save on capital and operational expenditure.

Network Rollout

Reecomps Teleservices Pvt. Ltd. offers a comprehensive suite of Network Deployment services that supports every phase of the Deployment process. The offerings include Active as well as Passive Infrastructure Services for Wireline & Wireless networks. This includes Site Acquisition service, legal permitting service , Supply & deployment of Towers and Passive infra. Equipment.

Operations & Maintenance

Reecomps Teleservices Pvt. Ltd. Network O&M services portfolio enables operators to focus on their core areas of business while Reecomps Teleservices Pvt. Ltd. manages Network O&M activities. This approach helps the operators in owning a high performance network at reduced operational expenses (OPEX).
Reecomps Teleservices Pvt. Ltd. has extensive experience on multi-technology products across geographies, maintenance systems and right shoring of operations. This enables Reecomps Teleservices Pvt. Ltd. to manage operators’ critical task of Network seamlessly.

Managed Services

Reecomps Teleservices Pvt. Ltd. managed services allow operators to free themselves from non-differentiating tasks of building and operating their network and focus on their customers and products. Reecomps Teleservices Pvt. Ltd. Managed Services offerings are based on the Build-Operate-Manage (BOM) model and offer KPI/SLA based end to end services from Network Planning & Design, System Engineering, Installation and commissioning, System Integration, Optimization, Network Operations and Field Maintenance.

Energy Management

Energy is an indispensable resource in any Organization, as well as an increasingly critical cost factor. Better management of energy has thus become vital. Energy management in the changing business scenario needs to consider technology development, planning, optimization, monitoring and dissemination of the energy products and services to the Telecom Operators and OEMs.

Site Acquisition Services

For Telecom Operators, Time-to-market depends on effectively optimizing the acquisition process.
The Reecomps Teleservices Pvt. Ltd. Site Acquisition Team understands the technical, engineering and business aspects of site acquisition services. Our capabilities include pre-construction leasing, entitlement activities and difficult zoning / permitting scenarios.
Reecomps Teleservices Pvt. Ltd. has met the acquisition challenges of acquiring sites for many Telecom Operators for over 5 years, our team has provided a proven process to ensure we meet the client’s scope, cost and schedule requirements.

Professional Services

Reecomps Teleservices Pvt. Ltd. ability to capitalize on new thinking, new workforce models and new possibilities has made it one of the most recognized and respected workforce solutions providers in the world.
Reecomps Teleservices Pvt. Ltd. expertise, experience and unmatched global footprint allows it to deliver solutions to help its clients achieve better business results in local market.